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The Veedee Blood Circulator Vibrating Massager

A brilliant example of Victorian quackery!

Oriental Brass Hourglass Sand Timer

Decorative and useful!

‘Sparkling Clover’ Butterfly Wing and Marcasite Brooch by Exquisite

You're sure to have good luck wearing this beautiful butterfly and clover brooch.

Oriental Vintage Lacquered Jewellery Box

An unusual semi-precious stone flower appears on the top

Sterling Silver Grouse Claw Kilt Pin

A beautiful Victorian taxidermy pin

Postal Scales from Mid 20th century

A charming set and very usable

Art Nouveau Style Photo Frame

Add your photo and make it a personalised gift

'Enchanted Vortex' Butterfly Wing Plate

A magical whirlpool of blue!

French Rams Horn Cocktail Fork Set

Quirky and curious barware item

Shipwreck by a Castle 18thC Engraving

A superb little engraving with loads of detail

Carved Lidded Pot

Beautifully crafted lidded pot.

Brass Basket Shaped Bonbon Dish

Charming bonbon or trinket dish

‘Azura Diamond’ Butterfly Wing with Sulphide Nude Pendant

Azura - sky blue, the colour of this butterfly wing

Victorian Scarab Beetle Drop Earrings

Stunning organic antique earrings

Old Style Globe c.1970

Beautiful decorative images

‘Sapphire Pool’ Butterfly Wing Pendant

A 'pool' of bright sapphire

'The Peacock' Butterfly Wing Bar Brooch

Particularly colourful

Green Enamel Faberge Style Opening Egg

Green with gold edging and crystals

Ny Form Troll 'Jack' with Braces

A highly collectable and endearing creature from the mountains of Norway.

Grouse Claw Kilt Pin with Orange Stone

A Scottish bird claw

Ball and Claw Potion Bottle

A stunning little potion bottle

Antique Silver Tracheostomy Tracheotomy Tube

A curious medical object from a time when new medicines and procedures were just being discovered

'Blue Horizon' Butterfly Wing Pin Dish

Looking out to sea on a moonlit evening

Mounted Horns with Skin and Ears

Macabre looking taxidermy display

Doulton’s Improved Foot Warmer c.1900

No more cold feet!

Crystal World Globe with Crystal Dragon Stand

Crystal glass and a dragon

Framed Scorpion


Real Fur Gold Tone Flower Brooch

An elegant fur brooch

Petit Point Dressing Table Set

A beautiful set

Real Fur Swirl Brooch

A stunning brooch

Framed Japanese Silk Painting

A beautiful picture painted on silk.

Egyptian Mug with Lid and Spoon

Colourful heiroglyphics

Sterling Silver Filigree Flower Brooch Pin

Beautiful on a coat or jacket lapel

Framed Post Mortem Photograph of a Lady

A strange Victorian custom

Oriental Porcelain Lidded Pot with Hidden Erotic Scenes

Lovers scenes appear on the interior

Small Framed Bejewelled Oriental House

A tiny picture with lots of bling

Art Deco Deer Antler Hat or Coat Hook

A quirky hook for your wall.

'I Do' Marriage Hands

Gorgeous copper shades with an antique appearance.

Bizarre Boars Teeth Tusk Plaque

There is an unusual story behind these boar tusks

Bouquet of Roses Crystal Paperweight

A lovely gift

Box of Carved Wax Teeth

Group X. A curious collection of wax teeth.

Bronze Troy Nesting Weights

Troy - An old and complicated measuring system

Buck Roe Deer Antlers on Shield Taxidermy

A classic display piece

Cantonese Wu Chen Imari Teapot

A colourful Oriental teapot

Cheroot in the Shape of a Deer Foot or Horse Hoof

An original gift for a smoker or collector

Chinese Snuff Bottle with Lovers Scenes

A charming bottle with a dark golden lustre

Decoupaged Real Goose Egg


Deer Foot Beer Bottle Opener

A quirky beer bottle opener

French Vaginal Irrigator

French medical device from c.1855

Geisha Pin Dish with a Saucy Secret

A risque bottom!

Gentlemen's Opera Glasses Binoculars

A wonderful set of opera glasses with a great sense of age perfect for display.

Green Heart Scarab with Hieroglyphs

Fantastic heiroglyphs appear on the bottom of this unusual paperweight

Green Hexagonal Chemist Pharmacy Bottle

POISON - Lead and Opium Lotion

High Relief Cast Brass Plate Edged with Bats

This fascinating dish is edged with four bats.

Hinged Cordwainer’s or Cobbler’s Shoe Last

A lovely old wooden curio

Horn and Brass Handbag

A very unusual handbag

Japanese Okimono Celluloid Clam Shell


Magnifying Glass with MOP Handle

A beautiful magnifying glass

Nude Lady Ashtray

An unusual piece of tobacciana

Large Semi-Precious Gemstone Globe

Decorative and educational

Oriental or Asian Figure Probably Buddhist

An interesting figure

P & O Bakelite Powder Bowl

A wonderful bakelite powder bowl from a cruise in the 1930's

Quirky Bottle Opener

A very quirky and amusing bar item

Porcupine Quill Trinket Box

Real porcupine quills!

Rare Taxidermy Deer’s Foot Curio


Risqué Nude Lady Mug or Pot

Would make a good pen pot

Small Buddha with a Hidden Secret

An unusual figure with a secret

Small Onyx Globe Paperweight

A small globe paperweight

Small Victorian MOP Fruit Knife with Gilt Blade

A little fruit knife with a golden blade

Stag Antler Handled Letter Opener

Unusual desk piece

Tiny Victorian Souvenir Hand Mirror

A charming little mirror for a handbag

Two Medical Bottles with Contents

A great pair of antique or vintage medical bottles

Unusual Pipe with Cow and Flowers

A beatifully decorated pipe from Switzerland

Yellow Flower Faberge Style Egg Trinket Box

A charming 'Faberge Egg' style trinket box

Akuaba Ashanti Fertility Doll from Ghana

The large disc shaped head symbolises intelligence

Antique Skull and Crossbones Charm

A mysterious Masonic, WWI or Memento Mori piece.

Bronze Puja Ritual Spoon c.1860

A spoon used in Hindu rituals

Large Spider Vintage Paperweight

Fantastic spider specimen

Peruvian Hand Carved Gourd Shaker

Unusual maraca!

African Tribal Mask with Two Faces

A stunning piece for a wall

Paribar Dentist Bowl from 1940’s

A nice item for a medical or dentistry collection or for display in a vintage home.

Silver Baby’s Rattle with Whistle


Lady Clare Bookends with London Scenes

Elegant bookends

Scarab Beetle Pin Brooch

A stunning antique brooch made from a real beetle

Small French Taxidermy Roe Deer Head on Mount

A quality vintage taxidermy deer head perfect for a smaller space.

Small Decorative Brass Bird Cage Birdcage

A gorgeous little brass bird in a cage

Stunning Silver Plated Large Hand Held Vanity Mirror

A beautiful antique mirror

'The Player'

An outstanding gift. Charming and unique with a touch of history.

Down Brothers Syringe Type Instrument


Asian Carved Warrior on Horseback

A small Asian warrior riding a horse