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Oddities from the past.

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Italian Housemaid's Icon
Who made this and why?
Bronze Puja Ritual Spoon
A spoon used in Hindu rituals
Realistic Handmade Human Skull
A stunning piece for your shelf or desk
Framed Post Mortem Photograph of a Lady
A wonderful addition to a memento mori collection.
Tuareg Tent Peg Post or Stake
It also served as a protective totem
Box of Carved Wax Teeth
A fascinating and curios little collection of wax teeth.
Leather Truncheon with Wrist Strap
Truncheon or Baton?
Bizarre Boars Teeth Tusk Plaque
There is an unusual story behind these boar tusks
Mounted Horns with Skin and Ears
Macabre looking deer on shield
Old Juvenile Sheep Skull
An old natural curio.
Two Crazy Lace Agate Crystal Skulls in Box
To help with healing and growth
African Tribal Mask with Two Faces
A stunning piece for a wall
Antique Silver Tracheostomy Tracheotomy Tube
A curious medical object from a time when new medicines and procedures were just being discovered
Framed Scorpion
A beautiful taxidermy piece for your wall
Giant Waterbug Specimen Paperweight
Also known as a toe-biter!
Green Heart Scarab with Hieroglyphs
Fantastic heiroglyphs appear on the bottom of this unusual paperweight
Jin Chan - The Money Toad
Attract money with the money toad.
Large Spider Vintage Paperweight
Fantastic spider specimen
Parasite Wood Eagle Head
A strange parasitic wood known as a wood rose
Peruvian Hand Carved Gourd Shaker
Unusual maraca!
Porcupine Quill Trinket Box
Real porcupine quills!
Two Medical Bottles with Contents
A great pair of antique or vintage medical bottles
Two Tooth Extraction Tools Dental Forceps
Great for a collection
Three Dental Plaster Casts Molds
A very unusual display item of a slightly macabre nature.