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The Curiosity Cabinet

Oddities from the past.

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Enema Syringe with Bone Nozzle

An unusual syringe

Coquilla Nut and Bone Dice Shaker

The coquilla nut originates from Brazil

Small Buddha with a Hidden Secret

An unusual figure with a secret

Akuaba Ashanti Fertility Doll from Ghana

The large disc shaped head symbolises intelligence

Antique Skull and Crossbones Charm

A mysterious Masonic, WWI or Memento Mori piece.

Bronze Puja Ritual Spoon c.1860

A spoon used in Hindu rituals

Framed Post Mortem Photograph of a Lady

A strange Victorian custom

Large Spider Vintage Paperweight

Fantastic spider specimen

African Tribal Mask with Two Faces

A stunning piece for a wall

Mounted Horns with Skin and Ears

Macabre looking taxidermy display

French Vaginal Irrigator

French medical device from c.1855

Peruvian Hand Carved Gourd Shaker

Unusual maraca!

Green Heart Scarab with Hieroglyphs

Fantastic heiroglyphs appear on the bottom of this unusual paperweight

Rare Taxidermy Deer’s Foot Curio


Box of Carved Wax Teeth

Group X. A curious collection of wax teeth.