The Christmas Shop

This year, we're mixing the old with the new. We have some beautiful Christmas baubles which have been ethically sourced from India, along with our usual mix of vintage and antique decorations and gifts.

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Large Gold Crackle Glass Sphere Bauble
8cm gold crackle glass
Crystal World Globe with Crystal Dragon Stand
Crystal glass and a dragon
Walter’s Box
An antique gaming curio box
Egyptian Mug with Lid and Spoon
Colourful heiroglyphics
Ny Form Troll 'Lawrence' with Concertina
A highly collectable and endearing creature from the mountains of Norway.
Small Garnet Crackled Glass Acorn Bauble
3cm wine crackle glass acorn
French Vintage Fortune Telling Oracle Cards
A sensual set of divination cards
Traveler's World Globe in a Box
Great for children
Lilliput Lane Christmas at Toseland 2009
An English parish church at Christmas
Medium Amethyst Crackle Glass Sphere Bauble
5cm mauve crackle glass sphere
‘Sapphire Pool’ Butterfly Wing Pendant
A 'pool' of bright sapphire
Green Heart Scarab with Hieroglyphs
Fantastic heiroglyphs appear on the bottom of this unusual paperweight
Set of Six Stag Antler Steak Knives in Presentation Box
A superb and unusual set of knives
Bear Hook or Christmas Stocking Holder
Not just for Chrsitmas!
Extra Large Crackle Glass Garnet Sphere Bauble
This large weighty bauble would be fabulous displayed around the house.
Green Enamel and Diamante Faberge Style Egg
A gorgeous trinket box
Small Gold Crackle Glass Lantern Bauble
3cm gold crackle glass lantern
Christmas Tree Trinket Box
A lovely little Chrsitmas pot
Victorian Scarab Beetle Drop Earrings
Rare and unsual earrings
Italian Old Style World Globe
A old world globe with sea monsters
Small Emerald Crackle Glass Twist Bauble
3cm green crackle glass
Horn and Brass Handbag
A different kind of handbag
Small Sapphire Crackle Glass Twist Bauble
3cm dark blue crackle glass twist
Oriental Dragon Resin Casket Box
A red dragon represents luck and prosperity
Lilliput Lane Partridge Cottage Boxed Christmas 1993
A charming Christmas cottage
Small Ruby Crackled Glass Twist Bauble
3cm red crackle glass ball with a twist
Large Sapphire Crackle Glass Sphere Bauble
8cm sapphire crackle glass
Lilliput Lane Banqueting House Bauble Christmas 2009
Has a deer standing by the tree
'Harlequin' Faberge Style Egg Trinket Box
A Faberge style trinket box
Medium Silver with Gold Foil Sphere Bauble
5cm silver and gold
Large Spider Vintage Paperweight
Fantastic spider specimen
Large Ruby Crackle Glass Sphere Bauble
8cm Ruby Crackle Glass Bauble
The Viking Game, Hnefatafl
An ancient game and the forerunner to chess
Gold Bird Jewellery Stand
A charming jewellery holder
Small Teal Crackle Glass Twist Bauble
3cm teal crackle glass sphere with a twist
Lilliput Lane All Saints Watermillock Christmas 1996
A delightful church at Christmas
Art Deco Amber Glass Candlesticks
Beautiful butterfly candle holders
Art Nouveau Style Photo Frame
Add your photo and make it a personalised gift
Small Garnet Crackle Glass Lantern Bauble
3cm wine crackle glass lantern
Two Crazy Lace Agate Crystal Skulls in Box
To help with healing and growth
Small Amber Crackle Glass Twist Bauble
3cm orange crackle glass twist
Grouse Claw Kilt Pin with Orange Stone
A Scottish bird claw
Buck Roe Deer Antlers on Shield Taxidermy
A classic display piece
Lilliput Lane Plum Cottage Christmas Bauble
Complete with a little post box
Parasite Wood Eagle Head
A strange parasitic wood known as a wood rose
Small Rose Crackle Glass Egg Bauble
4cm rose crackle glass egg
Stag Antler Handled Letter Opener
Unusual desk piece
Real Fur Swirl Brooch
A stunning brooch
Lilliput Lane St Josephs Church Christmas 1993
A charming Christmas church
‘Golden Dreams’ Butterfly Wing Pin Dish
A summer's night sky
Bouquet of Roses Crystal Paperweight
A lovely gift
Large Emerald Crackle Glass Sphere Bauble
8cm emerald crackle glass
Framed Scorpion
A beautiful taxidermy piece for your wall
9ct Gold and Amethyst Pin or Bar Brooch
An elegant antique pin in a classic style.
Lilliput Lane Chestnut Cottage Christmas 1992
A cosy cottage at Christmas
Michael's Curio Box
A tiny box of curios
'Titania’ Czech Crystal Fortune Telling Ball die or Dice (Large)
Titania meaning 'Queen of the Faeries' comes complete with instructions
Medium Garnet Ribbed Glass Pine Cone Bauble
7cm dark red or wine pine cone shaped bauble
'The Peacock' Butterfly Wing Bar Brooch
Unusual peacock colours
Musical Flower Fairy Trinket Box - Pink
A sweet little fairy music box
Lilliput Lane Gingerbread Shop Christmas 1993
A cute village shop at Christmas
Large Semi-Precious Gemstone Globe
Decorative and educational
Lexicon Card Game from the 1930's in Book Box
A great little game for a winter's evening in front of the fire
Medium Amethyst Crackle Glass Egg Bauble
6cm Mauve crackle glass bauble
Chinese Fortune Sticks in Black Container
A wonderful Oriental version of divination
Silver Art Nouveau Style Fairy Pin Cushion
A beautiful Art Nouveau style fairy
Lilliput Lane Partridge Cottage Christmas 1993
A cosy little Christmas cottage
Desk Globe on Wooden Stand
Small and stylish
Kaleidoscope by Style Toys of London
Perfect for a toy collector.
Gothic Key Corkscrew
A Key with a Secret
Fish Shaped Match or Toothpick Holder
Matches or Toothpicks?
'Ourania' Crystal Fortune Telling Ball Die or Dice (Large)
Ourania, meaning 'Heavenly' comes complete with instructions
‘Moonlight’ Butterfly Wing Ring (size 'P')
Like a deep night sky
'Wolfie' the Ny Form Troll No 106
He's winking at you!
‘Azura Diamond’ Butterfly Wing with Sulphide Nude Pendant
Azura - sky blue, the colour of this butterfly wing
Brass Rearing Unicorn
Unicorns are real! (Well this one is!)
Grimms Fairy Tale Families
A beautifully illustrated children's card game.
'The Enchanted Vortex' Butterfly Wing Plate
A magical whirlpool of blue!
Large Globe on Horizontal Stand
Great for a study or living room.
Musical Flower Fairy Trinket Box - Blue
A gorgeous little musical box
Ny Form Troll 'Jack' with Braces
A highly collectable and endearing creature from the mountains of Norway.
Real Fur Gold Tone Flower Brooch
An elegant fur brooch
Scarab Beetle Pin Brooch
A stunning antique brooch made from a real beetle
‘Star Petal’ Butterfly Wing Pin Brooch
Like an aster flower petal
Small Onyx Globe Paperweight
A small globe paperweight
Sterling Silver Filigree Flower Brooch Pin
Beautiful on a coat or jacket lapel
Two Ball and Claw Potion Bottles
Two rare and very collectable bottles
Yellow Flower Faberge Style Egg Trinket Box
A charming 'Faberge Egg' style trinket box
Waddington's Cir-Q-Lar Playing Cards
They're round!
A Superb Porcelain and Ormolu Trinket Box
A lovely antique trinket box with beautiful classical scenes
Ball and Claw Potion Bottle
A stunning little potion bottle
Bizarre Boars Teeth Tusk Plaque
There is an unusual story behind these boar tusks