Beautiful and sometimes more macabre looking taxidermy objects and displays made from the remains of animals, fish, birds and insects. These pieces could include ornamental objects, tools, jewellery and containers made from bones, horns, skin, fur, hair and other animal remains.
All the taxidermy items I stock are antique or vintage. Animal skulls and bones, if not mounted, I am assured have been sourced from natural finds usually in remote areas.
I insist that no animals were killed for the purpose of stocking my shop as I would not want to feel that I have had any part in ending any animal’s life. I feel that by buying vintage I am just recycling what is already there, and this also respects the creature’s sacrifice should they not have died from natural causes.
I do not condone current practices which I find immoral, such as fur farms or poaching.
To read my blog about the ethics of taxidermy see my Blog Site.
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31 items in this category