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Bizarre Boars Teeth Tusk Plaque
There is an unusual story behind these boar tusks
Box of Carved Wax Teeth
A fascinating and curios little collection of wax teeth.
Bronze Puja Ritual Spoon
A beautiful old puja spoon
Cheroot in the Shape of a Deer Foot or Horse Hoof
An original gift for a smoker
Down Brothers Brass Enema Syringe
An interesting medical tool mad efor The War Office.
Framed Post Mortem Photograph of a Lady
A wonderful addition to a memento mori collection.
Good Luck Masonic Victorian Horseshoe Plaque
Fraternal Plaque - A fabulous item for someone with Masonic interests.
Italian Housemaid's Icon
Who made this and why?
Laika Memorial - No Bones By Request
Laika, The First Dog in Space
Leather Truncheon with Wrist Strap
Truncheon or Baton?
Mounted Horns with Skin and Ears
Macabre looking deer on shield
Realistic Handmade Human Skull
A stunning piece for your shelf or desk
Sad or Happy Jester Tobacco Jar c.1890
A curious and comical jar
Silver Grouse Claw Kilt Pin in Original Box
A very fine kilt pin
Three Dental Plaster Casts Molds
A very unusual display item of a slightly macabre nature.
Two Crazy Lace Agate Crystal Skulls in Box
To help with healing and growth
Hinged Cordwainer’s or Cobbler’s Shoe Last
A lovely old wooden curio