Palad Khik with Crocodile
Palad Khik with Crocodile
Palad Khik with Crocodile
Palad Khik with Crocodile
Palad Khik with Crocodile

Palad Khik with Crocodile

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This fascinating little object is a palad khik which means ‘honourable surrogate penis’. It may appear to be one of those silly souvenirs made for the tourist industry, but in fact, these objects play an important part in the superstitious nature of Thai culture.

Not only is this little talisman a symbol of fertility for couples but it also brings love, wealth, luck and protection for single people.

In Thailand you can see penis amulets hanging almost anywhere; homes, shops, restaurants and they are even sold on the streets by little old ladies! They can range in size from a small amulet, such as this one, to several feet long.

Palad Khiks are usually worn by males near to their real penis and it is known for some males to wear more than one at a time as they believe these amulets can attract love, can increase their gambling luck and can protect them from danger.

Women in Thailand keep these charms in their purses for protection from physical attacks.

This palad khik is made from brass and measures approx 4.5cm long and depicts a crocodile or alligator laying on top of a penis. The crocodile is a talisman to attract money or wealth so this charm may bring you love, luck, wealth and protection – very good indeed! I’m not sure of its age but I bought it as a vintage item and it is a little worn on one side.

It has a loop or ring at the end where it could be attached to a keyring, worn as a necklace or charm – or, if you’re so inclined, to wear it as it’s intended to be worn, on a cord around the waist and dangling in your pants!

This great little charm for love, wealth, luck and protection comes in a gift box.