Militaria & Nauticalia

There are a lot of military experts who have a vast knowledge of weapons, uniforms, and equipment and they do a marvellous job in supplying objects and information and we leave that to them.
Our collection of militaria and nauticalia is slightly different. 
Here at Kim's Curiosity Shop we look for the more unusual pieces and source items of a slightly different nature. For instance, we search for things that may have been used at an earlier time or items of a more personal nature. We love a bit of mystery so, in some cases, we find an interesting looking object and then do the research into it without even knowing what it is, and we never know what we may find.
We have found that sourcing items in this way we often discover some really interesting pieces.
We currently have a lot of objects of this nature waiting to be researched, so check back regularly.
Items found and already researched include: trench art, compasses, handcuffs, manacles and shackles, telescopes, bomb detonator and key, militaria ephemera, nautical compasses, photographs, books, buttons, binoculars, medical equipment, badges, cigarette cases, snuff boxes, rings and much more.
Please contact us if there's anything we can help you with.
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11 items in this category