'Jack' Ny Form Troll with Braces
'Jack' Ny Form Troll with Braces
'Jack' Ny Form Troll with Braces
'Jack' Ny Form Troll with Braces
'Jack' Ny Form Troll with Braces

'Jack' Ny Form Troll with Braces

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A fantastic vintage young male troll from Norway. The company, Ny Form, have been making trolls in the mountain village of Tynset since 1964 and all the trolls are handmade from natural materials.

This troll is young male wearing olive coloured trousers and no shoes. He has one hand in his pocket and the other holds on to his braces. He is beaming with a handsome toothy grin and his tail appears from a hole between the two rear pockets of his trousers.

Each Ny Form troll is created and designed by an artist who develops the character of the troll over a course of several days. Every detail and aspect of each troll is taken into consideration to make the final result which is truly original. Over a day and a night, the troll is hand formed from completely natural materials found in the mountain forests of Norway which makes every troll unique.

Because of the delicate natural composition of these trolls, they are quite fragile and are said to ‘age’ like us humans over time. Therefore they should be treated with care and are not to be dropped, wet or allowed to stand in direct sunlight.

This troll has ‘aged’ on the end of his nose and a little bit on his chin, one elbow and his tail. His olive coloured trousers have a crackled effect. All the trolls are given a number for reference and a book of authenticity however, these are missing from this poor young troll.

Ny Form trolls are made in ‘families’ and when they are purchased on their own they become very lonely, so you should always try to bond with your troll or find a member of his family for him to live with. The trolls come in various sizes so I think a ‘family member’ would be a troll of the same height. This troll’s height is 18cm including his wonderful ‘mullet’ hairstyle.

Ny Form trolls are considered small masterpieces and highly collectable. They are said to bring good luck. As each troll has a different character, you should choose the troll which most reflects your personality or that of the person who receives it.

A highly collectable and endearing creature from the mountains of Norway.