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Extraordinary Gifts

All of our 'Extraordinary Gifts' are boxed, (if the shape and size allows) wrapped and wax sealed, they even come complete with a gift tag, ready for you to present to your extraordinary person.

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'The Player'

An outstanding gift. Charming and unique with a touch of history.

Stag Antler Handled Letter Opener

Unusual desk piece

Victorian Scarab Beetle Drop Earrings

Stunning organic antique earrings

'Blue Horizon' Butterfly Wing Pin Dish

Looking out to sea on a moonlit evening

'The Peacock' Butterfly Wing Bar Brooch

Particularly colourful

Cheroot in the Shape of a Deer Foot or Horse Hoof

An original gift for a smoker or collector

Crystal World Globe with Crystal Dragon Stand

Crystal glass and a dragon

Large Semi-Precious Gemstone Globe

Decorative and educational

Porcupine Quill Trinket Box

Real porcupine quills!

Small Buddha with a Hidden Secret

An unusual figure with a secret

Scarab Beetle Pin Brooch

A stunning antique brooch made from a real beetle

'Enchanted Vortex' Butterfly Wing Plate

A magical whirlpool of blue!

Edwardian Seed Pearl Lapel Stick Pin 14kt Gold

Simple and elegant in its original box

Five Royal Hampshire Erotic Fantasy Figures

A rare and risque collection

Geisha Pin Dish with a Saucy Secret

A risque bottom!

Model Sailing Boat Made from Horn

Cleverly crafted from bovine horn