Blue Morpho Butterfly Wing

The stunning beauty of the antique morpho butterfly jewellery is steadily becoming more popular and the number of collectors is growing rapidly.

Originating from Brazil, but first set into jewellery in England in the 1920's, these pieces are gorgeous. The way the wings catch the light is remarkable giving a very magical luminescence that's completely natural.

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‘Moonlight’ Butterfly Wing Ring
Like a deep night sky
‘Golden Dreams’ Butterfly Wing Pin Dish
A summer's night sky
‘Ocean Mist’ Butterfly Wing Brooch
A mist over the ocean
'The Enchanted Vortex' Butterfly Wing Plate
A magical whirlpool of blue!
‘Azura Diamond’ Butterfly Wing with Sulphide Nude Pendant
Azura - sky blue, the colour of this butterfly wing
‘Sapphire Pool’ Butterfly Wing Pendant
A 'pool' of bright sapphire
'Blue Horizon' Butterfly Wing Pin Dish
Looking out to sea on a moonlit evening
'The Peacock' Butterfly Wing Bar Brooch
Unusual peacock colours
‘Star Petal’ Butterfly Wing Pin Brooch
Like an aster flower petal