'Aylin' Crystal Fortune Telling Ball (Small)
'Aylin' Crystal Fortune Telling Ball (Small)
'Aylin' Crystal Fortune Telling Ball (Small)
'Aylin' Crystal Fortune Telling Ball (Small)
'Aylin' Crystal Fortune Telling Ball (Small)

'Aylin' Crystal Fortune Telling Ball (Small)

Every item is individually wrapped and wax sealed.
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    A small crystal fortune telling ball from c.1930 in an unusual trinket pot.

    This rare and unusual piece of Czech glass is a 32-sided die. It was manufactured around 1930 for the purpose of fortune telling, but as divination was illegal, it was marketed as a fortune telling game.

    As these beautiful crystal balls were individually crafted, each one is unique. They all differ in appearance, size, weight and, as they are now aged, they also differ in condition. From the course of my collecting and research, it appears that there are two sizes; large, being about 3cm in diameter and small, being about 2cm in diameter. To tell each apart from the other, I have given each divination ball a name taken from constellations. This beauty has been named ‘Aylin’.

    I have written a short blog on these wonderful crystals, so if you'd like to know more, you can read it at: kimscurios.com

    Here are the details for the unique Czech crystal ball, Aylin:

    • Meaning – Of the moon
    • Size - Small
    • Weight – 11.06 grams
    • Markings – The numbers are filled with white paint and the 0 has the word - Foreign
    • Condition: Some of the paint has worn away from the numbers. The crystal is worn around the middle where the two pieces of crystal were joined together. This may have been a manufacturing flaw. This does not appear to have a negative effect on the die, as all numbers appear to ‘come up’ and there appears to be enough flat surface on each number.
    • Container – A sweet little Persian or Oriental very detailed pewter-like metal trinket pot with a piece of jade lodged on the top of the lid.
    • Accessories – An tiny organza bag to keep the crystal safe within the pot.

    Each Czech crystal fortune telling ball comes with an instruction booklet produced by Kim’s Curiosity Shop from a collection of 1930’s vintage instructions. The booklet also includes a short history of the Czech fortune telling die and information about Czech glass. The booklet is printed on high quality parchment paper and comes in a wax-sealed brown craft paper envelope.


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