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Gilt Walnut Shaped Etui Thimble Holder
A wonderful little curio and collectors item
Glazed Stoneware Apothecary Jar with Lid
A wonderful salt glazed apothecary jar complete with original lid and label originally containing sulphur ointment.
Gold Tone Locket Pin
A sweet little gift for the romantic
Gris-Gris Voodoo Talisman in Presentation Box
A mysterious and curious antique
Grotesque Animal Paw from 1937
Keyring? Pendant? Very unusual taxidermy item.
Grotesque Demon or Imp Door Knocker
An unusual door knocker
Handcuffs Manacles or Shackles
A marvellous piece of police or prison history
Handmade Vintage Dominoes Set
An original ‘pub’ game, this great dominoes set would be perfect for a retro games themed evening get together.
Heart Shaped Risque Brass Pin Dish
A very inappropriate pin dish!
Horn Snuff Box in the Shape of a Fish
A curious little fish, perfect for a collector or as a gift.
Incredibly Detailed Butterfly Wing Sterling Silver Brooch
This gorgeous tropical scene is featured on a beautifully detailed sterling silver bar.
Instra Victorian Charcoal Hand Warmer
Amazing little piece of Victorian quackery - similar to that seen on BBC's 'Make Me a Dealer'.
Jade Mermaid Amulet or Pendant
A charming and unusual mermaid pendant carved from jade.
Key Shaped Corkscrew and Bottle Opener
A decorative and useful item and would be perfect as a gift for a wine or a beer lover.
Large Hag Stone, Fairy Stone or Odin Stone
A special stone said to have healing qualities
Masonic Skull and Crossbones Horse Brass
A highly collectable and rare cast brass horse brass featuring the skull and crossbones.
Memento Mori Brass Snuff or Tobacco Box
An interesting and moving memento mori piece
Memento Mori Skeleton in Coffin
A stunning and rare memento mori piece
Mini Brass and Marble Abacus Paperweight
Fabulous miniature brass abacus perfect as a desk fiddler!
Miniature Japanese Bone Inro
Made from bone and featuring a Samurai warrior.
Mounted Buffalo Horns
A superb set of buffalo horns which would look fantastic behind a bar or on a wall.
Mounted Bull Horns
A fabulous set of bull horns compact enough for the smallest spaces
Musical Clown
Nautical Copper Printing Block
'Be guided by men of experience'
Old Oriental Hand Painted Box
Very old box with gorgeous hand painted birds
Original Photograph of Winston Churchill & Anthony Eden in 1943 and 'Churchill His Life and Times'
A very rare photo with accompanying book - a fantastic piece of British military history.
Pair of Chinese Foo Dogs
Beautiful vintage foo dogs
Pair of Ornate Brass Green Man Candle Sticks
Stunning candle holders
Pair of Small Brass Candle Sticks
Persian Bone Pill or Trinket Box with Battle Scene
The detail and the colours are remarkable on this little box
Prisoner of War Miniature Bone Dominoes
Fabulous antique miniature bone dominoes
Purple Ball and Claw Potion Bottle 4”
A very rare and highly collectable bottle
Quirky Brass Beer Bottle Shaped Retractable Bottle Opener
A unique and quirky little bottle opener, small enough for your pocket.
Rameses Fortune Telling Cards
A fantastic set of rare and collectible fortune telling cards.
Real Beetle Gilt Bow Brooch
A very pretty and very unusual antique brooch
Red Deer Skull Natural Find
Natural find deers skull
Replica 19th Century Flintlock Pistol
Perfect for role play and re-eanactments.
Replica Deck of Mlle Lenormand’s Cartomancy or Divination Cards
A beautifully illustrated set of fortune telling cards.
Reproduction Perpetual Calendar
A very unusual display piece perfect for anyone interested in scientific instruments of the past.
Romantic Heart Shaped Toast Rack
Superb little toast rack which could be used for napkins or letters
Round Brown Glass Bottle with Glass Stopper
Wonderful little brown antique poison bottle with original glass stopper.
Royal Kendal Cup and Saucer Tasseography Set
An easier way to read your tea leaves
School Slate Writing Board and Pencil
A very old childrens school writing slate.
Scientific Palmistry and Its Use Book
A fascinating book from the Victorian period
Scientific Palmistry by Joseph Wood 1897
A fascinating book from the Victorian period.
Scorpion and Spider Entomology Studies
Great for close study or display
Scorpion Entomology Study Paperweight
A great display or study piece
Set of Bryant and May Top Dogs Matchbooks
A complete set of vintage matchbooks c. 1970
Sheep Skull from Pendle Hill
A beautiful and natural display with an unusual origin
Shunga Netsuke Fish with a Saucy Surprise
Hidden on the inside are two erotic scenes
Silver Circular Butterfly Wing Necklace
It shimmers and changes in the light
Six Long Stemmed Quirky Glasses
Great for sharing out the shots at a party.
Six Miniature Magazines from the 1930’s
Fascinating booklets from the 1930's.
Sleek Black Little Art Deco Cat
Stylish little black cat
Small Butterfly in Dome with Round Base
Sweet little butterfly display.
Small Butterfly Wing Mirror
A stunning little mirror which feels almost magical.
Small Engraved Clear Glass Apothecary Chemist Measure
A very small clear glass apothecary measure dating from 1929 in very good condition.
Small Silver Metal Miner Figure
A poignant figure of late 20th century British industry.
Small Troll
He’s watching your every move…
Small Vintage Bird Cage or Birdcage
A gorgeous little bird in a cage
Spider Book and Specimen
Ideal gift for a spider lover (or an arachnophobe!)
Spider Paperweight Study
Great for close study
Spotted Black Cicada Specimen
An excellent way to study insects up close.
Spur Throated Grasshopper Entomology Study Paperweight
A great way to study insects close up
Square Art Deco Silver Butterfly Wing Brooch
Gorgeous butterfly wing brooch in lovely condition
Square Butterfly Display
A lovely butterfly display with yellow flowers
Strange African Child Mask
An unusual display piece, ideal for a curiosity cabinet
Swordfish Bill Xiphias Gladius Hunting Trophy
A wonderful marine curiosity.
Tarantula Spider Paperweight
A huge spider paperweight.
Tasseography Fortune Telling Cup and Saucer
A fabulous tasseography set for use or to display.
Taxidermy Polecat Mustela Putorius
A stunning vintage display piece especially on a fireplace or shelf due to his long stature.
Third Reich Nazi Germany History Banner
A fascinating historical banner from WWII from the Nazi perspective
Thorens Swiss Children's Music Box
Beautiful little antique music box
Tuareg Tribal Leather Bag and Unusual Accessories
This would make an excellent addition to a tribal collection or an interesting tribal wall décor piece.
Ukranian Hutsul Folk Art Inlaid Mushroom
A beautifully hand-crafted piece of folk art from the Carpathian Mountains.
Unusual English Cut-Throat Razor
A corn razor in its original box
Unusual Face Brass Coin or Ring Dish
Great for bedside nik-naks
Unusual Leather Mask Wall Art
An unusual curio for your wall
Urethral Surgery Tool
An interesting surgical tool and a conversation piece.
Very Unusual Kitsch Victorian Lobster Shaped Salad Servers
An extremely unusual way to serve your salad
Victorian Brass Cherub and Stork Trays
These would make an excellent gift for a newlywed couple or to celebrate the birth of a new baby
Victorian Embossed Metal and Velvet Cherub Jewellery Box
A beautiful box which would be ideal for storing keepsakes or jewellery.
Victorian Folding Gate Top Purse Pouch
A clever little coin purse from the Victorian period.
Victorian Memento Mori Mourning Hair Locket
A wonderful Brass Memento Mori locket.
Victorian Skirt Lifter or Dress Holder
A rather rare and highly collectable piece of Victorian fashion history.
Victorian Toothpaste Pot
Wonderful antique item to display in your bathroom
Vintage Dental Pliers
Great for a collector or a curiosity cabinet.
Vintage Entomology Collection
Fifteen different insects to study