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Victorian Pocket Working Telescope by Carpenter and Westley
Lovely little telescope with fitted leather cover
Brass Sand Timer Hourglass Depicting Time
An hourglass symbolising the meaning of time
Candle Snuffer or Wick Trimmer
Unusual candle snuffer
Cut-Throat Razor in Box
A great cut-throat razor in a beautiful box
Palad Khik with Crocodile
A great little charm for love, wealth, luck and protection
Silver Plated Wax Jack  c1850
A fascinating historical piece
18th/19th Century Medical Amputation Saw
A fabulous addition to a Victorian or antique medical collection or just a fascinating item in its own right.
A Beautiful Petit Point Dressing Table Set
A beautiful vintage dressing table set
A Crazy Lace Agate Crystal Skull
For healing, concentration and growth
Actinotherapy Ultra Violet Ray Goggles
A quirky pair of goggles from the 1930's.
African or Egyptian Fly Swish Swat or Whisk
Decorative and Useful!
Alligator Head Taxidermy Holder
A unique piece of taxidermy
Amputation Bone Saw
A macabre piece of medical history
Antique Keepsake Box with Verse
A beautiful little 'Alice in Wonderland' box.
Antique Medical Haemaglobinometer
30% OFF - USUALLY £19
Antique Scarab Beetle Gilt Bar Brooch
A beautiful Victorian brooch made from a real beetle.
Antique Scarab Beetle Stick Pin
A very unusual pin featuring a real beetle
Art-Deco Guilloche Enamel Ladybird Etui Pill Box or Thimble Holder
A lovely antique pill box which would also make a fantastic container for the tooth fairy!
Art-Deco Saucy Cast Aluminium Plate
Saucy secret on the 'bottom'!
Arts and Crafts Leather Document Wallet - Masonic?
A beautiful hand-made antique document wallet
Bakelite Vesta Case Advertising Phosferine Tablets
A great piece of medical advertising memorabilia
Beautiful French Highly Embossed Brass Goblet
Gorgeous French antique goblet, urn or vase
Beautiful Italian Micro Mosaic Brooch from 1950's
The most amazing intricate design on something so small.
Black Cast Iron Sand or Egg Timer
Great for a vintage kitchen
Bone Double Nine Dominoes Set
A classic game for all the family
Bone Trinket Box with Ornate Decoration
A pretty box for trinkets, jewellery or other small treasures
Brass and Enamel Heart Shaped Pill Box
Lovely little pill or ring box
Fascinating and rare item from the early 21st century
Brass Goblin Imp or Fairy Toasting Fork
Perfect for toasting your marshmallows
Brass Leather Bound Telescope
Very nice reproduction telescope
Brass Owl Match Holder
This would be lovely standing beside an open fire or a log burner
Brass Witch Tiller Pin
A fantastic brass witch
Bronze Head Erotic Curio
Something a little different for the man who has everything?
Buddha with a Secret Scene
A very unusual item with a naughty secret
Burroughs Wellcome & Co Amber Glass Pill Bottle
A great little bottle for a vintage collection.
Butterfly Bubble Glass Paperweight
A charming vintage single butterfly display
Butterfly Display in Glass and Wooden Case
A bright and eye-catching butterfly display
Butterfly Dome in Natural Scene
A charming natural butterfly dome
Butterfly Dome with Three Butterflies and Flowers
Gorgeous small traditional butterfly dome in peach cream and brown shades.
Butterfly in Dome with Square Base
A gorgeous display would make a lovely gift or a wonderful addition to your home.
Butterfly Wing Miniature Hand Mirror
A stunning little mirror which feels almost magical.
c.1910 Rare Antique Dominoes Card Game
Rare little domino card set perfect to put in a pocket
Cachets Du Docteur Faivre Vintage Box
Lovely little French box in excellent condition.
Carved Horn Bread Fork
Gothic feel, perhaps even a little devilish!
Carved Lizard made from a Parasitic Plant from Indonesia
A very unusual wooden sculpture made from a parasitic plant which attaches itself to the Chinaberry Tree in Indonesia.
Carved Wooden Puzzle Box
A box with a secret opening
Castor Oil B. P. Vintage Bottle by Maitland & Co Chemists
Lovely old bottle with a wonderful antique label.
Chicken Glasses
A very strange and unusual farming curio with a slightly macabre history.
Chinese Faux Ivory Snuff Bottle
A very pretty snuff bottle featuring horses
Chinese Fortune Sticks
Easy means of divination
Chinese Silk Iron
A wonderful Chinese silk iron which also doubles as a unique tea light holder
Codd Bottle Opener
Unusual bar item and a talking piece!
Crystal Ball Sitting on a Glass and Brass Dish
This beautiful vintage sphere measures 9cm in diameter.
Crystal Ball with Three-Dimensional Angel and Stand
This gorgeous piece would be a perfect gift for many occasions, the angel inside bestows a message of love and caring.
Crystal Hourglass Pendant
An unusual and super sparkly pendant
Curious Antique Japanese Black Lacquer Box
A beautiful antique box with a fascinating scene
Czech Crystal 32 Sided Fortune Telling Ball 3cm
An interesting little item and a very unusual gift.
Decimeter Converter
A mod-con of the seventies!
Deer Antler Horn Bar Set
An ideal Christmas gift or would be great for use at Christmas.
Desk Magnifier on Horn Stand
An elegant magnifying glass
Dragon's Blood Apothecary Bottle
Perfect for a curiosity cabinet.
Edwardian Parlour Girls Erotic Nude Picture A
A lovely vintage erotica picture
Edwardian Parlour Girls Erotic Nude Picture C
A beautiful lady from the 20's.
Elegant Coconut Casket
A very unusual jewellery box
Exquisite French Nutcracker
A gorgeous French nutcracker too beautiful to be stored in a drawer
Faux Butterfly Wing Butterfly Shaped Brooch
Lovely brooch for someone who is not so keen on real butterfly products
Five Tiny Medical Bottles
An collection of unusual little glass bottles.
Folding Pince-Nez Spectacles
A wonderful set of Victorian spectacles for display or to add to a collection.
Fortune Telling Cup and Saucer Tasseography with Instructions
An easier way to read your tea leaves.
Fox Mask Tie, Stick or Cravat Pin Reverse Intaglio Essex Crystal Style
A beautiful stick pin with amazing detail and would be great for a steampunk or Victorian outfit.
Fractured French Party Serviettes from 1950
A fabulous little box of comedy history
Framed Print of Gout as a Demon by James Gillray
An interesting print and certainly a conversation starter, perhaps best appreciated by someone suffering from the condition.
French Dental Development Miniature Model
A great vintage piece for a collector, dental display or curio cabinet.
German Solid Silver Ring
Was this cut from the finger of a Nazi soldier?
Gilt Walnut Shaped Etui Thimble Holder
A wonderful little curio and collectors item
Glazed Stoneware Apothecary Jar with Lid
A wonderful salt glazed apothecary jar complete with original lid and label originally containing sulphur ointment.
Gold Tone Locket Pin
A sweet little gift for the romantic
Gris-Gris Voodoo Talisman in Presentation Box
A mysterious and curious antique
Grotesque Animal Paw from 1937
Keyring? Pendant? Very unusual taxidermy item.
Grotesque Demon or Imp Door Knocker
An unusual door knocker