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Buck Roe Deer Antlers on Shield Taxidermy

A classic display piece

'Blue Horizon' Butterfly Wing Pin Dish

Looking out to sea on a moonlit evening

Walter’s Box

An antique gaming curio box

Art Deco Amber Glass Candlesticks

Beautiful butterfly candle holders

Box of Carved Wax Teeth

A fascinating and curios little collection of wax teeth.

Risqué Nude Lady Mug or Pot

Would make a good pen pot

c18th Bavarian Headdress, Haube, Hat, Bonnet

A rare and beautiful piece of Bavarian costume dating from c.1830

Small Black Cat by Sherratt and Simpson

A little black cat

Small Framed Bejewelled Oriental House

A tiny picture with lots of bling

Tibetan Bronzed Vajra Ritual Weapon

'The most powerful weapon in the universe'

Oriental or Asian Figure Probably Buddhist

An interesting figure

Brass Rearing Unicorn


Rams Horn Cocktail Fork Set

Olives or cheese?

Tall Brass Goblet


Stunning Silver Plated Large Hand Held Vanity Mirror

A beautiful antique mirror

Vietnamese Laquerware Dragon Picture

A striking piece of wall art

Book 'Princess Margaret' by Marion Crawford

A great gift for anyone interested in ‘The Crown’

Down Brothers Syringe Type Instrument


Gilt Metal Art Nouveau Style Letter Rack

A very ornate letter rack

Green Hexagonal Chemist Pharmacy Bottle

POISON - Lead and Opium Lotion

Tiny Victorian Souvenir Hand Mirror

A charming little mirror for a handbag

'Harlequin' Faberge Style Egg Trinket Box

A Faberge style trinket box

Otis King Slide Rule No 414 in Brass

The beginning of computers?

Moulded Glass Baby Feeding Bottle

A great little piece of history, some people remember being fed with one of these.

Bronze Troy Nesting Weights

Troy - An old and complicated measuring system

Edwardian Parlour Girl Picture

A vintage beauty

Crystal World Globe with Crystal Dragon Stand

Crystal glass and a dragon

Lady Clare Bookends with London Scenes

Elegant bookends

Old Style Globe c.1970

Beautiful decorative images

Nicholas Culpeper Jar by John Verney

Unusual university subject matter.

Small Victorian MOP Fruit Knife with Gilt Blade

A little fruit knife with a golden blade

Geisha Pin Dish with a Saucy Secret

A risque bottom!

Large Unique Shunga Decoupage Box

An interesting interior!

Nude Lady Ashtray

An unusual piece of tobacciana

Fynnon Salt Tin


Laika Memorial - No Bones By Request


African Tribal Mask with Two Faces

A stunning piece for a wall

Akuaba Ashanti Fertility Doll from Ghana

The large disc shaped head symbolises intelligence

Bizarre Boars Teeth Tusk Plaque

There is an unusual story behind these boar tusks

Bronze Puja Ritual Spoon c.1860

A spoon used in Hindu rituals

Carillon Svizzero Musical World Globe

Plays music as it turns

Chinese Snuff Bottle with Naked Ladies

Three ladies in their birthday suits

Fish Netsuke with Shunga Erotic Scenes

A saucy secret lies inside!

French Vaginal Irrigator

French medical device from c.1855

Green Heart Scarab with Hieroglyphs

Fantastic heiroglyphs appear on the bottom of this unusual paperweight

Gryphaea Arcuata Devil's Toenail Fossil Paperweight

An interesting curio for a desk

Large Spider Vintage Paperweight

Fantastic spider specimen

Lexicon Card Game from the 1930's in Book Box

A great little game for a winter's evening in front of the fire

Mounted Horns with Skin and Ears

Macabre looking taxidermy display

Parasite Wood Eagle Head

A strange parasitic woody plant known as a wood rose

Peruvian Hand Carved Gourd Shaker

Unusual maraca!

Rosenthal Bele Bachem Lidded Pot

'Sod Off! I'm Busy!'

Small Buddha with a Hidden Scene

An unusual figure with a secret

Waddington's Cir-Q-Lar Playing Cards

They're round!

‘Golden Dreams’ Butterfly Wing Pin Dish

A summer's night sky

Green Enamel and Diamante Faberge Style Egg

Green with gold edging and crystals